Origins/Myths of Manx Cats

The Manx or “rumpy” cat originated before the 1700s in British Isles on the island of the Isle of Man, where they were the most common for over 300 years. The Manx cat, have no tails which is from a genetic mutation which was very common on the Isle of Man. The Manx cat is named after the Isle of Man, where they were most common. Many people believe that the Man cat actually come from Spain and the Spanish armada, who came to the Isle of Man, but this is all just a legend.

A Manx Cat

The Manx cat is a tail-less cat, and the tail-less is very dominant, so that most kittens born form two Manx cat parents will result in a Manx cat kitten with no tail. The gene, though is semi-lethal and usually if there are two kittens in the womb of the mother Manx cat, one is aborted before its birth. Many breeders become careful when breeding two Manx cats because of this.

There is no true explanation why the Manx become tail-less.There are many legends that try to explain why this would happen.One of them claims that Noah closed the door to his arc on a cat’s tail, which cut the tail off. The cat was playing and got left behind.There is also a poem about what happened on Noah’s arc:

Said the Cat, and he was a Manx,

Oh, Captain Noah wait!

I’ll catch the mice to give you thanks

And pay for being late!

So the Cat got in, but Oh,

His tail was a bit too slow!

Another legend claims that a Manx cat is just an offspring of a rabbit and a cat, since they move a lot like a rabbit, since Manx cats hop a lot and they have no tail. A third legend says that simplify a person on the Isle of Man ran over a cats tail with a motorcycle, since there are a lot of motorcycles on the island.

Some say that when the Manx cat went to the Isle of Man, that they were considered an offspring of an ancient goddess and are considered sacred. Some people also on the Isle of Man say that cats have a king of their own, and that it is one of the Manx cats. The cat lives an ordinary life as a normal house cat by day and at night he assumes the regal powers he was born to have, and if the cat owner is mean to the King of the Manx cats, then they will be punished and have his revenge.

A Manx Cat with Manx Kittens

Manx cats today are getting harder and harder to find, many breeders have done immoral things to get the appearance of the Manx cat. Some breeders just cut off the tails of the kittens when they are born, not caring about the repercussion and what can happen to the kitten. The breeders do not do this without having any special medical care for the kitten which causes the kitten to have nerve damage, infections, and many other things. Most people will have these problems go unnoticed until they take the kitten home and have the kitten for a little while. No one could have predicted how popular Manx Cats would become!