What are Manx Cats?

If you’ve wound up here chances are you either currently own a Manx cat or you are looking into owning a Manx cat, well either way, you came to the right place. Here at Manxcats.org, created by a Manx cat enthusiast who has been breeding them for years, this site strives to be the number one source for everything about Manx cats. We have many high quality articles, the most information about Manx cats and a gallery with the most Manx cat images on the internet.

For those not yet familiar with Manx cats, a short introduction is in order. A Manx cat is a usually tailless cat that has been around since the 1700s. Manx cats at first were seen as a genetic mutation, even though no one knows exactly how Manx cats were meant to be today. Today they are seen as an honorable, great type of cat for anyone to have in their household. They have been a topic of discussion for many years. If you have never heard about Manx cats before, than you are missing out on a part of history, Manx cats are very important. Keep an eye out at your local animal shelter as well! Manx Cats are a rare and wonderful breed, so if you’re looking for one, make sure to snap one up as soon as it becomes available at your local shelter! Take some times and read some articles and find out if you would like to own a Manx cat!

manx cat 14 picture