Appearance of Manx Cats

The Manx cat has its own special appearance. Manx cats have longer hind legs than front legs, which gives the cat an arch from their shoulders to butt, giving the cat a rounded appearance when you look at it. Manx cats are categorized according to their tail length, since there a couple of different lengths a Manx cat can have.

  • ·Rumpy or Dimple Rumpy – they have no tail whatsoever
  • ·Riser of Rumpy Riser – these cats have a stub of cartilage or several vertebra under their fur and are the most noticeable when the kitten goes to raise its “tail”
  • ·Stumpy – These cats have a partial tail, it has more of a tail than a “riser” Manx cat, but less than a “tailed” Manx cat, they have something in the middle.
  • ·Tailed or longy – this cat has a near complete or complete tail.

The tail length is random throughout the liter, you cannot really figure out what kind of tail your Manx cat has. A Manx cat whom the owner wants as a show cat, has to have a “rumpy” tail., to qualify to be shown, a show Manx cat cannot have a “stumpy” or a full tail, since they do not qualify. Many times in the past, when a Manx cat is born, they have their stumpy or full tails cut off so that the cat does not get arthritis later in life, which is extremely painful for the Manx cat. The tail being cut off is more a preventative measure, since not every Manx cat will get arthritis later in life.

A Manx Cat with a "Rumpy" Tail

The coat of a Manx cat has two different lengths. There are short-haired Manx cats with a double coat, one coat is a thick short under layer and the other coat is a longer, course outer layer, which has hair to protect the cat from the elements. The long-haired Manx, which is sometimes called the Cymric cat, which is talked about in the article about them. Their coat is a silky textured, which is a medium length double coat. This coat also has britches, belly and neck ruffs, tufts of fur between the toes and full ear furnishings. Whether the Manx cat has short of long hair, they all have a thick double layered coat.

A Manx Kitten

The Manx cat also has medium to medium- small size ears and are set on the far sides of their head. The Manx cat’s head is round and slightly longer than it is wide and has a strong muzzle and chin. The Manx cat has a normal bite and prominent cheekbones.Manx cats also have large eyes on the outer corners of their head. All this gives the Manx cat a serene, gentle, intelligent look. They’re fun and playful cats, so adopt one today!