Cymric or Long Haired Manx Cats

Cymric cats, or long haired Manx cats, is a breed of cat sometimes all its own, and sometimes just categorized as a type of Manx cat. They are many times not seen as a separate breed. Except for the fur length of the Cymric cats, there is no difference between them and Manx cats. The name comes from “Cymru,” which is a Welsh name , even though they are not related to Wales in anyway. Many people think that the name was an attempt to give these cats a Celtic name, where these cats also originated in the same island, the Isle of Man and are just descendants of Manx cats. The Cymric cats started their taillessness trait as a mutation spread around the domestic cats on the island. The Isle of Man is a very small island, so that it was easy to get the tailless gene to be passed around. If the gene was dominant, which it is, it would just be passed down from one generation to the next and the gene form long haired cats got mixed into the gene pool causing this Cymric cat. Long haired Manx cats on the Isle of Man have always been disregarded as mutations of the Manx cat, and been thought nothing of. Then, in the 1960s in Canada, there were long-haired Manx cats born, and they were treated as any other cats, and not mutants. This started the Cymric cats and after a while, the cat associations started to associate the Cymric cat as their own breed. This also made the Cymric cat popular for a while in the 1970s, when they were first recognized only less than ten years before. While the Manx cat was recognized in the 1920s, and were popular before the Cymric cat came around.

A Cymric Cat

The Cymric cat is muscular, compact and like the Manx cat, has a medium to large cat bone structure. They also have a round appearance, and have full big eyes and have very spaced out ears. The hair of the Cymric cat, is the only thing that disguises it from the Manx cat. A Cymric cat has medium to long hair, which was think and silky throughout the entire body. The body has a lot of thick hair, which helps the round appearance that the Cymric cats have. Cymric cat usually have copper, green, hazel, or blue eyes. They have all four types of tails, which was stated in the appearance article.

Cymric cats are intelligent, fun, playful cats that get along well with any animal or person that they come in contact with. They like the Manx cats are loyal to humans and will want to play. They can also be taught simple tricks, like Manx cats. They are just gentle, non-aggressive sweet cats. They do not demand attention, they will find their own way to play by exploring and jump around the world they find. They are very good jumpers. The Cymric cats also like water and are easy to take care of since they care simple to clean. The lack of a tail makes keeping one clean and safe even easier, as nothing will get caught in a non existent tail!

A Cymric Kitten

The Cymric cats have their own diseases though. The Cymric cats with their types of tails can be lethal to the cat. The kittens that inherit two copies of the tailless gene die before they are born and are just releases as a miscarriage form the womb. These types of miscarriage cats make up sometimes as much as 25 percent of the litter, and liters of Cymric cats are usually small. Some cats will acquire “Manx Syndrome,” which was explained in detail in the Health section.Many Cymric cats have also Spina Bifida, which are gaps in the vertebrae. Many Cymric cats have a rabbit like hop due to the spine and have it usually is deformed.Not every Cymric cat, like Manx cats, has a short spine or even any problems with them. They are just a normal, healthy cat with no to little tail.